Introducing Joe's Place! (Not Just a Place For Joes.)

Don’t waste your time on other sites. Waste it at Joe’s Place!

Don’t waste your time on other sites. Waste it at Joe’s Place!

What Is Joe’s Place?

Joe’s Place is your one-stop site for all of the videos, games, comics, and other goofy stuff I make for your entertainment. It’s brand new, I’ll be updating it regularly, and I hope you’ll stop by!

Why Is Joe’s Place?

I love making creative things and sharing them with people. It’s the reason I became an animator. The challenge I’m facing now is, how can I do this in a sustainable way?

Working on creative side projects means sacrificing time I could be spending on paid work. Nevertheless, I’ve made all kinds of comics, videos, and games over the years; some of which have managed to reach a large audience, I’m happy to say. But sooner or later I always face a creative dead-end when I can no longer afford the time any more. So I have all these outpourings of creativity just sitting around not reaching people and not doing anybody any good!

That’s when I hit on the idea of Joe’s Place. By bringing all of my creative projects together, I hope make my library of creative work more useful. Here’s what I hope Joe’s Place will do:

  • Serve as a repository of all of my entertainment-oriented work in one spot

  • Help fans of one project discover my other projects

  • Showcase old or unfinished projects that are worth seeing, but would otherwise never see the light of day

  • Serve as a portfolio of my creative work for industry folks looking for a creative person to work with

  • Provide a platform for fans to tell me which projects they want to see continued

  • Make it easy for visitors to share my work with others:

  • Be a fun place for fans to spend some time now and then!

It’s All About the Fans!

I feel a bit delusional talking about “fans” so much, but whether I have 100 fans in the world, or 10 fans, or just 1…you’re who I’m making this for. My brother will tell you he was my very first fan (though the rest of my family will contest that), and I made more than 50 issues of my first comic, Toon Land, with him as my only subscriber. The fact that he read every issue from cover to cover made it all worth it. It’s not the quantity of fans that matters, it’s the feeling of giving a creative gift and having it warmly received. A fan is any person who likes & appreciates the things that you make, plain and simple.

If you’re a fan, there are 2 things you can do to help me make Joe’s Place a success:

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  1. Tell me you’re a fan! Let me know in the comments section or send me an email. It makes my day! Nothing is more motivating! And let me know what I can do to make Joe’s Place better.

  2. Tell a friend! It would mean everything to me at a personal level, and it’s critical to the sustainability of these creative projects. The more fans, the greater the support. The greater the support, the more I can justify time spent on ridiculous endeavors for your entertainment. Just share:

And there’s one more thing you can do: donate.

It’s a quickie solution for a problem that I will hopefully solve more permanently eventually, i.e. the problem of monetization. Until I get a monetization system in place, I’m making these things just for fun. And that means paid projects will always eclipse my time. As much as I love making ads (and I’m not being facetious here — they can be a lot of fun), I miss making silliness from the heart. (Or wherever silliness comes from. The gallbladder?) I’d love my creations to be a more regular part of your life. So, if you want to help out in the most direct way possible, donate. I can’t tell you how much your donation would mean. You can find a donate button at Shelling out even a dollar of your hard-earned cash to support my creativity is overpowering & humbling, and I take very seriously the responsibility to be silly that comes with it.

Of course, if a donation doesn’t make sense for you right now, steps #1 and #2 go a long way. :)

Join Joe’s Placebos! (Working title…)

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