Sticky The Stick #2 - Sticky and the Burger


In the 2nd episode of Sticky the Stick, I introduced a tough guy character inspired by the bulldog in Tom and Jerry.  This episode also features the first and only kazoo solo in the series so that Sticky can dance off the extra burger weight.

From the mind of a ninth-grader watching too much Tom & Jerry.  Their antics inspired me to make a physical comedian of my own.  I ran over to the computer and made this in a weekend using Macromedia Flash, a cheap microphone and the computer mouse (right-handed, no less!).  It was somewhat improvisational, as I didn't know what was going to happen next until I made it, and my only guiding principle was to do something I figured would be unexpected.

Years later, the series was actually selected in the NickToons short film festival and aired on the NickToons channel.  I was incredibly embarrassed that the other entries were these amazing productions and mine was just a stick figure...but still, how cool is that?

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Joe Rothenberg

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