Sticky The Stick #5 - Sticky and Sniffy


This episode introduces one of my favorite characters in the series: Sticky's acid-tempered dog Sniffy, who detests all the demeaning things dogs are supposed to do.  Growing up in my household, we had birds, not dogs, so I guess this is how I imagined having a dog might be.  Fun fact: you can hear my bird Snoopy chattering in the background of the ending music. 

From the mind of a ninth-grader watching too much Tom & Jerry.  Their antics inspired me to make a physical comedian of my own.  I ran over to the computer and made this in a weekend using Macromedia Flash, a cheap microphone and the computer mouse (right-handed, no less!).  It was somewhat improvisational, as I didn't know what was going to happen next until I made it, and my only guiding principle was to do something I figured would be unexpected.

Years later, the series was actually selected in the NickToons short film festival and aired on the NickToons channel.  I was incredibly embarrassed that the other entries were these amazing productions and mine was just a stick figure...but still, how cool is that?

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