Hi, I'm Grumply.

I made a new app. The app is me. And I am stickers. Stickers you can use in iMessage to make your friends laugh. Maybe you can even make your mom laugh. Why? Because I'm Grumply. And this is my sticker app.

I'm not an owl. Stop asking if I'm an owl. 

I'm a penguin now, but I can be whatever you want me to be. What animal would you like to see me become in my next sticker app? Go to Twitter and tell me, Grumply: @GrumplyApp. Oh, and share your Grumply-enriched photos on Instagram @GrumplyApp. I like pictures of me, Grumply. Especially when I'm around my human friends. Some pictures that get sent to me, I share.


  • 60+ cute and grumpy Grumply stickers
  • Grumply facial features you can stick on your friends
  • There's one Grumply in a cute little business suit
  • Non-toxic, machine-washable
  • Just kidding about machine-washable

"How do I use stickers?"

...I hear you say. It's simple. Use your money to buy my app from the App Store. It will download on your device. But it will not show up on your home screen like normal, boring apps. This is a sticker app. Here is how you use it:

  1. Open your iMessage app and open a conversation with a friend.
  2. Tap the gray "App Store" button. It looks like an "A" made out of pencils or something.
  3. This will open the iMessage app drawer. Swipe until you see my Grumply face. (Tap the "..." button if you don't see me.)
  4. Tap my face.
  5. You will see many Grumplies for you to peruse. Peruse the Grumplies. Tap to load a Grumply into an iMessage to send to a friend.
  6. ADVANCED STICKERING TIP: You can tap and HOLD a Grumply, or any sticker, to peel it off and stick it on any previous iMessage, including images. If you've never tried it, it'll blow your mind. You can even rotate and scale your stickers using 2 fingers.
  7. Don't forget to leave a rating on the App Store for me, Grumply. Ratings give Grumply life. Please keep Grumply alive by leaving a rating and telling the world how much you love Grumply.

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