Cartoon character animation and graphic design for series, websites, explainer videos, TV, ads, film, print, media, video games, and interactive.

We make animation

with character.


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Why Joe Rothenberg Animation?

Our trademark “Animation With Character” isn’t just a catchy ad slogan.  We really are best in class when it comes to animating characters.  In fact, we’re the studio other animation studios hire to do their character animation for them.


Ordinary character animation makes a character move.  Great character animation breathes life into a character, showcases that character’s personality, and creates a lasting connection with the audience that sparks joy.  That's what we strive for in every project, no matter the budget.

Why Are Characters So Important?

Why do major brands like Geico and Coca-Cola spend millions on animated geckos and polar bears?  Perhaps it’s because animated characters build lasting emotional bonds with viewers and set brands apart from their competition.  People remember geckos and polar bears.  And cheetahs and mice and genies and ducks and bunnies and bandits and hamsters and…