Even Bite Size animations need a full team!

Long before Joe Rothenberg Animation existed as a studio in Round Rock, Texas, it began in spirit on a project called Bite Size, a companion series of animated shorts to a documentary of the same name now available on Netflix.

A team of more than a dozen animators, all students of the University of Southern California including 1st-time animation director Joe, worked together over 2 summers to create 25 minutes of animation. The 6 shorts, connected by an overarching story, were aimed at empowering children to influence the daily habits of their family toward healthier choices, like eating together at dinner, choosing healthier cooking ingredients, and planning outdoor activities together.

Originally, the shorts were planned to be part of the documentary itself, but the true stories that unfolded over the course of filming took on a more somber and urgent tone, and the animation was separated out. Today the shorts can be hard to find, but we are proud to share with you this clip from Bite Size (2012)!

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