Our Team.

Joe Rothenberg - Founder

I'm the owner & creative lead at Joe Rothenberg Animation. I'm an animator, writer, and animation producer living in Austin, Texas. I lived in Los Angeles for 7 years while I studied animation at the University of Southern California, created a pilot for Nickelodeon, animated for a number of film, TV and web projects, and launched 2 mobile games. Satisfied with my conquests out west, I headed to Austin to expand my freelance animation business into a full animation production studio.

Michelle Acosta - Animation Assistant

I'm a 2D Artist/ Animator living in San Marcos, TX and I travel to and from Austin almost every day to work and school. I am currently working on getting an Associates degree in 2D Animation at Austin Community College and loving every minute of it! In my free time, I enjoy drawing and playing video games like Journey, Bioshock, and Minecraft. As for my favorite foods, I enjoy some really fresh seafood by the coast or some nice BBQ from here in good ol' Central Texas.

Stephanie Meyer - Project Manager

I'm a Project Manager/Producer with a love of all animation & a passion for seeing projects through to the finish line. I graduated from University of Southern California in 2012 with a degree in animation and digital art. Out of school, I gained experience in managing an international team of programmers to deliver results for multiple clients' tech projects. Outside of the realm of production, I spend my free time painting, playing video games, and coming up with wacky story and mobile app ideas.



Hi, I'm Joe. I'm the owner and founder of Joe Rothenberg Animation. At JRA, we produce delightful, high-quality animation that engages viewers with your ideas. We believe that a brand is only as strong as its presentation, so we put our all into creating the best possible animation for you. Here are just some of the services we can provide for you:

  • Full-service Animated Videos for Broadcast & Web
  • Character Designs, Storyboards, & Animatics
  • Marketing, Brand-building, and Explainer Videos
  • Logos, Branding, & Graphic Design
  • Video Game Art Assets

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Phone: 512.966.6797

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