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Welcome To Teddy Toons!

Teddy Toons is not your typical web comic. 

Most cartoonists come up with an idea, then draw it. Teddy Toons doesn’t work that way.

Instead, I made a computer program called "Auto-Toons" that generates a 3-panel sequence containing random costumes, poses, and empty speech balloons. I look at the resulting visuals and attempt to fill the speech balloons with dialogue that will weave a narrative through the strange poses.  I only have direct control over the text…even the shape and size of the speech balloons is dictated by the software. The better I justify the visuals, the more successful the comic.  Periodically, I add more drawings to the randomizer, so the strip gets more varied as it continues on.  Check out the chart to see how a pose is constructed!

I stopped working on Teddy Toons in the middle of 2017, but I still have the Auto-Toon software and I would like to start it up again if there's enough interest.  If you want to see more Teddy Toons, click the heart at the bottom of this page above the comments section, and leave a comment!  That's the only way I'll know if Teddy Toons is getting some love.

-Joe, the Auto-Tooner


Batch 1 - January 2017

The experiment begins!  The inaugural batch features mind-reading, magic powers, and a healthy dose of social awkwardness.

Batch 2 - January / February 2017

This mega-sized batch introduces colorful backgrounds, eye wear, and foreground elements.  Features include cheesy breath, robber-themed super heroes, and 2 separate political debates.  This is heady stuff.

Batch 3 - February 2017

This mini-batch introduces costumes, includes the first background (a window!) and features a questionable church service, a corrupt mayor, and a home with bizarre flooring choices.

Batch 4 - February / March 2017

In the fourth batch, the variety of backgrounds and costumes increases.  Featuring bathwater drinkers, chicken-brain transplants, and a randy grandma.

Batch 5 - March 2017

This batch expands the repertoire of sets and costumes even further, and adds a new element: props!  Not only can each bear hold a prop that stays consistent for the entire scene, but each prop contains several different poses.  Plus, any prop that goes through an irreversible transformation (like a beach ball popping) will stay transformed for the remaining panels.  Featuring corporate intrigue, un-professional medical professionals, and a glimpse at the afterlife.

Batch 6 - March 2017

This batch features a conquering explorer of questionable morals, a celebrity-obsessed fairy, and a return to old-fashioned entertainment.

Batch 7 - March / April 2017

In the final Teddy Toons batch (to date), we meet ButlerBot, Wes the cheating swimmer, and two ice cream-loving space explorers.

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