Ladies Knight

This was my senior film at the University of Southern California.  I wanted to combine some of my favorite things in a short that would be as fun to make as it would be to watch.  To me this meant fairy tales, musical numbers, and a healthy dose of silliness.  I spent nearly every waking moment of my senior year working on it so that I could animate the entire project myself.  Working that hard for that long, I wasn’t able to hang out with many of my friends and had to re-learn how to relax afterward, so it took its toll.  But I felt an immense sense of accomplishment at the result, not least because I actually finished a student film on time (a task that had eluded me several times before).

Looking back, I can see things I would do differently now, but I'll always be proud of both the video and what it represents to me in terms of my ability to stay focused, make sacrifices and work hard to achieve something.  In particular I'm proud of the strong, distinct personalities of the characters (thanks in no small part to the wonderful voice talent) and of course the music (made possible by the extreme talent of the amazing Ryan O'Connell).

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QUICK CREDITS (Full credits at end of video)

Written and animated by Joe Rothenberg. Music director: Ryan O'Connell. Cast: Matthew Tyler, Afton Quast, Malcolm Devine, Adam Williams, Joe Rothenberg.